What is Voice Over and Where is it Used?

Posted: April 12, 2023
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Voice over is a technique that uses pre-recorded or live narration to describe the action in a video. It’s often used for movies and commercials and can also be helpful for other media types.
This article will discuss what a voice over is and where it’s used.

What Does Voice Over Mean?

Voice overs are used for any project that needs narration for its audience. It’s a broad-reaching tool that can be utilized in various industries and for multiple purposes.
Here’s some examples to give you an idea of the range of voice overs,

  • Automotive – A voice talent is often hired to narrate car commercials or inform new drivers about safety features as they learn to drive.
  • Entertainment – Voice over artists provide commentary on movies or television shows or perform as characters in video games. They might even lend their voices to cartoons! Since voice actors have such varied skill sets, it makes sense why they’re so popular in these types of projects.
  • Education – Ever watched an educational video on YouTube or read text-to-speech articles online? Then you’ve experienced at least one form of educational content narrated by a voice over artist using their natural tone and cadence instead of just reading words from a screen (or paper!).

Where You Hear Voice Over Artists

There are many other applications for voice over actors beyond providing narration or character voices.

The following are examples of different industries where voice over work is used:


Commercials are usually the first place where most people encounter voice over work.

It is used to give a voice to the product, explain its features and benefits and tell the story behind the brand.

Commercials use voice over to tell their product’s story, explaining what they do and why they do it. They use voice over to highlight the benefits of their products and services, helping them to stand apart from their competitors.

Voice over is also used when companies want a simple way to convey complex ideas in an easy-to-understand manner. This type of voice over is usually used in conjunction with images and videos on the screen, which helps to make sure that people understand what they are seeing.

TV shows

Voice over is used to add narration or other audio elements.

Voice over can describe what is happening in the scene or give background information on events happening in the story.

Voice over is also used to add a bit of humor or drama to the show. This is especially true in cartoons, where it’s common for characters to be voiced by famous actors who do not appear on camera.

Voice over is also used in TV shows to provide narration. This is commonly found in documentaries where a narrator walks viewers through the story and explains what they see on screen.


Voice over is often used to explain the action or give a backstory and plot.

You’ll often hear a voice over as soon as the film starts. This kind of voice over worksets up the audience for what’s about to happen through tone and language.

Voice over can also introduce characters; this is especially true with animated films. If you’re watching an animated movie and there’s no one on the screen, but suddenly someone starts talking out loud and addressing the audience directly, they’ve almost certainly just been introduced via voice over!

Video games

Voice over can be used in video games to provide instructions or to create a story. It can be used for the main character or an NPC (non-player character).

Whether an RPG like Final Fantasy VII or a platformer like Super Mario Bros, voice over can be used to help guide the player through the story. In this case, it’s an introduction and an essential part of the narrative.

Voice over can help you understand what’s happening around you and why certain things are happening.

Corporate Training Videos

Training videos are a great way to educate employees on new policies, procedures, and processes.

Voice over can be used to explain concepts, provide instructions and keep the audience engaged in the material.

Voice over can also be used for internal communications if you have many employees who don’t work together but need information about an upcoming merger or company restructuring.

Museum Audio Tracks

Another place where you can use voice over is in museums and galleries.

With so many exhibits to talk about and describe, it’s helpful for visitors to have a voice guide them through their visit.

The voice can give information about the exhibit such as its history, how it was made, what materials were used, or why a particular exhibit should be visited.

This information will help visitors better understand what they’re seeing and learn more about what they’re looking at without having to read every plaque themselves.

Audio Books

Audiobooks are a great way to enjoy your favorite stories, even if you can’t read them. They’re also great if you love to listen to entertainment on the go, like while driving or washing dishes.

Audiobooks are also a great way to learn new things. If you’re interested in learning more about history or science, countless recordings are available about these topics.

Audiobooks come in all different genres and cater to all types of readers. There are audiobooks for children, young adults, and adults. You can find classic novels or modern bestsellers on CD or cassette tape.


Voice over is useful in eLearning courses to help explain the content of the course, engage the learner and give instructions and directions for activities.

The voice over can explain what the learner will see on their screen, what they should do next, or how to complete an activity.

Voice over is a great way to engage learners, especially if they are new to eLearning. It gives them a more personal experience and makes the material easier to understand.


Podcasts are audio files you can download or stream, usually free.

They allow you to learn new things and stay informed about whatever topics interest you. Podcasts are typically listened to on your phone or tablet.

Podcasts can also be downloaded onto your computer or laptop and listened to by connecting headphones directly to the device’s headphone jack (or via Bluetooth). This is useful if you’re driving, walking, or doing housework and need something interesting to occupy your ears while doing business!

Transport Announcements

You’ve probably heard voice overs in public places like airports and train stations. They do this when you hear a pre-recorded voice telling you which lane to be in or when your flight will leave.

Voice over can also be used for announcements on in-car navigation systems.
They can also be used to deliver emergency messages, such as instructions to evacuate the building in case of fire or other dangerous situations.

Professional Voice Over Work For Any Project

Voice over is a great way to get your message across, no matter what you’re trying to say. Whether it’s an informational video or something more lighthearted, there are plenty of opportunities to use this type of talent in your project.

By taking advantage of this resource before any competition does so later down the road, you can set yourself up for success!

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