The 5 Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Voice Over Artist

Posted: April 12, 2023
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Most of the time, your company’s first introduction is a website, commercial, or explainer video.

If your audio is subpar, that first impression could be enough to send them running in the opposite direction.

And it’s not just about your video or podcast sounding good.

A professional voice over artist brings experience and expertise to your project. Which is invaluable in conveying your marketing message.

Let’s get to know the world of professional voice over artists. We’ll also look at the benefits of hiring them for your project and what to look out for.

A Quick Overview Of Professional Voice Over Artists

Professional voice over artists can help your business or product stand out.

There are many types of voice over work, from commercial and corporate narration to character voices for animation and video games.

A professional voice over artist will help you engage and connect with your audience.

Want to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace?

You need to choose the right tone and style for your message and carefully deliver it.

Let’s look at the 5 benefits of hiring a professional voice over artist.

5 Sensational Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Voice Over Artist

Hiring a professional voice over artist will help your marketing message be more trustworthy, credible, and authentic.

Let’s look at 5 other reasons you should hire a professional voice over artist.

1. Experts In Their Craft

Would you hire an experienced professional to help remodel your bathroom or ask your best friend who has a toolbox?

While your best friend might have the tools and will definitely be cheaper – there is one problem.

What happens when your friend hits the wrong pipe or breaks the wrong tile?

Will your friend know how to deal with budget-breaking disasters that might happen?

The same applies to voice over artists.

Everyone has a voice. Only some have the skills, talent, and professionalism a professional voice over artist has.

Voice over artists are performers, and their job is to bring your story or script to life.

And since they are actors, professional voice over artists adapt easier than an average person.

On top of bringing your script to life, professional voice over artists are often sound engineers.

This means they can make their audio clear themselves or even add a jingle (depending on your project’s needs.)

By hiring a professional voice over artist, you will be working with someone who understands your needs from a business perspective and will deliver superior work on time.

2. Helps Build Trust and Authority

Did you know that 82% of customers will only buy from a brand they trust?

One of the biggest challenges marketers face today is building and maintaining trust with prospective customers. Building trust can make or break your brand’s recognition and loyalty.

You must show your company’s mission, values, products, or services in the best way possible.

When advertising your company with video or audio, voice narration influences your target audience.

Hiring a professional voice over artist means your message has a higher chance of resonating with your audience.

It also means your target audience listens to your message instead of ignoring it.

3. Access To Quality Equipment And Technology

Recording voice with a smartphone or laptop is like screwing in a nail with a brick.

While it will get the job done, it won’t be professional.

There is a huge difference between a proper recording studio and equipment and the sound recorded on your friend’s latest iPhone.

Professional voice over artists usually have their own soundproof audio booths. Your company’s message will be narrated clearly with no background noises or distractions.

4. Saves You Time, Money, And Stress

Professional voice over artists are experts in a craft that they love.

They’ll ensure they get the job done right the first time, saving you money, time, and stress.

A professional voice over artist is trained to do a script in 1 or 2 takes, which takes practice.

They’ll also have experience with the technology in a recording studio. The time saved in learning which button to press will ensure that you meet your project’s deadlines.

Suppose you hire a professional voice over artist with their own voice editing software. In that case, you won’t have to worry about the additional cost of a sound engineer.

Starting to see the money-saving benefits of hiring a professional voice over artist?

5. Open To Feedback and Direction

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional voice over artist is that they’re open to feedback and receptive to taking direction.

Plus, they’ll understand notes regarding cadence, diction, tone, inflection, emphasis, and pitch.

When you are shopping for a professional voice talent, ask about pickups. Pickups are additional recordings in case there is a script change or mispronunciation. 

Many professional voice over artists often include 1-2 pickups as part of their base price.

How To Find The Right Voice Over Artist For You

When it comes to finding a professional voice over artist, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind

  1. The tone of your project: If you want to produce a corporate video, you’ll want a deep and authoritative voice. If you are working on an animated video style, you’ll want someone with more energy.
  2. Check their experience: You’ll want to ensure the voice over artist has experience recording the type of material you need. The last thing you want is to hire someone who’s never recorded a specific type of content you need before and end up with subpar results.
  3. Listen to their demos: You’ll get a good idea of their sound and how they can deliver your material.

    So if you’re looking to take your audio production to the next level, hire a professional voice over artist. You won’t regret it!

Get The Right Voice For Your Marketing Message

A professional voice over artist can bring your brand to life. Plus, they will give your business an edge over the competition and help you better connect with your audience.

Looking for a way to improve your marketing message?

Eric Daigh is a trustworthy voice over artist.

Not only will he listen and understand your needs, but he will produce high-quality broadcast-ready audio, often within 24 hours. 

Add quality to your business by hiring a professional voice over artist.

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